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January 16, 2005


Storm? I think you mean "snow storm activity." I think Boston weatherpeople have forgotten how to speak normal English.

And while we're at it, what's up with the mandatory meteorologist visits to elementary schools? When did this tradition start? I understand it's cool for the kids to see a real "TV person" up close, but it's a little overdone.

Be original. There must be other ways to extend an olive branch to the community.

While your at it, what's up w/ meteorologists and their executives who have to have the darn weatherperson report outside in the middle of a rain storm, snow storm, or, worse, a hurricane.

Bring back Shelby Scott! Let's lash her to an antenna at the top of the Pru during the next blizzard!

Poor wind-whipped Shelby...



I heard that last night too. I thought it was very descriptive of that we were supposed to get here in Boston, up to 8".

But, alas. Just a dusting. Dustpan-able. Sweep-able. Shove-push-able.

What I want to know is why these reporters feel they have to go out in the snow without a hat!


Same goes for football coaches.

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