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June 11, 2008


Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Black - Pearl Jam
White Lighting and Wine - Heart


1) Not much of a Coldplay fan, eh?

2) Turbulent Indigo - Joni Mitchell (easy one to miss -- probably not a contender for Top 10 status...)

Uh, White Christmas -- sung by Bing Crosby, music and lyrics by Irving Berlin.

Sorry -- I panicked.

Did someone say Frisbee and Heineken? Hit me, I'm open.

The Pop Appendix...
The Circle -- Red Rubber Ball
Tommy James -- Crimson and Clover
Lemon Pipers -- Green Tamborine
Donovan -- Maria Magenta
Jim Croce -- Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Seth - good picks, especially the Heart.

Karen - had it in my Top 30. Got whittled down.

Scott - since you mention Joni, what about "Blue"?

Jay - I'm up for Frisbee any day.

Scott - great choices. It's tough narrowing it down to 10.

Ummm... Where's the Van Morrison on this list?

"Borwn-eyed Girl"? That's a classic!

Missus - do you know how many times bar bands cover this? Pop into Copperfield's any night of the week and you'll get your fix.

I do, however, like Van the Man.

Nicely thought out list--but I know you've done a lot of listening and discussing of music in your time so I would expect nothing less.
I confess, I'm hopelessly in love with Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue."
Whomever mentioned "Red Rubber Ball" must be OLD. ;) Plus you stuck that song in my head. :p
When I was in high school the choral director allowed us to pick 2 of the songs we'd perform. Some hippie picked "Black Water"--man, that is a hard song to sing well (the other song was Bohemian Rhapsody--don't even ask).
Fun post!

Cyn - it's all about colors. I would love to hear you sing "Black Water."

What about The Beatles' Yellow Submarine????

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