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June 15, 2011


No Dunkin Donuts?

Starbucks? Seriously?

and as Clay asked, "No Dunkin Donuts?"

Maybe the quality of coffee at Starbucks varies by location and/or the batch of roasted beans they use.

My friend, the Coffee Guru, can't abide Starbucks and even people I know who are "uneducated" about coffee consider Starbucks' offerings to be less than acceptable.

The best coffee we've ever had is from smaller chains, local shops and, of course, in Italy.

Our friends from South America also brew a mean cup (alas they refuse to share their source, but we're pretty sure their family from SA ships them beans!).

To me, the "best" cup is the cup of whatever that is available (and drinkable) at a moment when you absolutely NEED coffee. So, most days, it's what we brew at home, which often includes coffee from all over the globe (gifts or picked up on trips).

There's some amazing stuff out there and most of it does NOT find its way to American retail stores or coffeeshops. (It's like the really good Italian olive oil. It never leaves the country.)

Clay - I'm not a Dunkin Donuts fan.

Gemmond - good points, all, especially the one about the best cup of coffee being the one you really need. I haven't had a lot of exposure to different types of coffee (other than restaurants). I will say that I should have mentioned Godiva. That's very good.

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