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geluid huren amsterdam

I rthink In-A-Gadda-Da_Vidda is an amazing song!


Wow, I somehow stumbled upon this while looking for the lyrics to Nuclear Apathy. I grew up in Weirton, WV, where Crack the Sky was formed. It is good to see a couple of Crack fans!


This list is crap. No Stairway to Heaven, No AC/Dc at all, More Zeppelin,Who, Aeorosmith, Sabbath, and What about Slow Ride.




this list was very closed minded, and KISS is quite possibly the worst band ever
many of the best, by far, songs weren't listed
nirvana can hardly be considered classic rock, and where's the pink floyd?


To the Idiots who Failed to See Stairway to Heaven Listed Among The Songs That Dan and Mike Recorded While In College:


Why record it when you can't sling a dead without hearing that Godforsaken song on the radio.


Nothing by Van Morrison? That's a real shame.


Nathan - "Stairway to Heaven" is a great song, but we just never recorded it at a Burning Session. So is "Simple Man." That's a classic Skynyrd track (I saw them two weeks before the plane crash). This list is only comprised of songs that my old college roommate and I recorded onto a mix list.

nathan wallace

your list sucked for the most part, how could anyone miss stairway to heaven, and simple man? the whole thing was rigged


Butterfly Bleu is a classic. It has to be on the list. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida put Iron Butterfly on the map, but it was Butterfly Bleu that showed their creative competencies.


thanks for putting butterfly bleu on your top 100 list. Knowing that is credentials enough to say these songs are worth checking out. thanks for suggestions. Rockout



Kevin - "Stairway to Heaven" is a great song, but we just never recorded it at a Burning Session. This list is only comprised of songs that my old collegge roomate and I recorded onto a mix list.


Kevin Seger

Quite a good list but there wasn't stairway to heaven on the list that u call good. i would say it is crap if there is no stairway to heaven. Every person in the right mind has listened to that song millions of times. SHAME ON YOU!


Ummmm it was ok, but I am pretty sure free bird shouldn't have been last.How about some more Pink floyd.


What about Bohemian Rhapsody? A staple on any Greatest Songs list, but it's true. Best song in rock history.


What! no mention of Ted Nugent's Stranglehold, or Boston's Long Time. I must say this list is a stretch. Kiss never need be mentioned in any top anything list. Too simple minded. However it is an interesting list. Thanks enjoyed it.


Andy - thanks for the tune suggestions. I'll check them out and I'm sure we'll work these into the mix. Haven't heard of Magazine or Beautiful South.

Rock on.


Andy in Holland

Some great stuff in your list, but you missed:
Crossroads. Cream. The best 4 mins in rock.
Spoonful (live). Cream. What Bach would have written if he'd played in a heavy 3-piece.
Just One Victory. Todd R.
Marquee Moon. Television.
Surf's Up. The Great Brian W.
Kid Charlemagne. The Dan.
Spunk Rock. Man (from Wales). You MUST find it!
Peaches En Regalia. Uncle Frank.
Take The Long Way Round. Teenage Fan Club (Scots)
Flora Belle. Pearlfishers (also Scots).
Song for Whoever. Beautiful South.
Another Girl Another Planet. The Only Ones.
Shot By Both Sides. Magazine (English)
Only In Dreams. Weezer
To the Sun & the Moon. Stackridge. You'll have to ask George Martin, too complicated to explain.

There's a lot more: as probably no-one's going to read this, I'll go back to doing something more productive.


Nice list, but where is Stairway to Heaven?

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