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Brian G

found your website from a google search "War Pigs", a picture of Jewel (I think) popped up which I thought was odd. This does look like gold, impressive to see you guys keep it going for so long; sounds like a fantastic journey

victor brown

I have a reward out for Gags Greatest as you call them Jeff gagnon songs especially "she was our manger"
Thank you any help locating gags songs would be rewarded Thank you Victor Brown


Frank Zappa at 2 a.m. can tend to send the girls back to their rooms. Then again, so does Iron Butterfly, early Genesis and ZZ Top. It's all relative.

Thanks for stopping by.

Check out http://allofmp3.com for a good inventory with a good price.



Found your website looking for a free download of Post Toasties. Your music lists are simply perfect!
Found songs I'd forgotten about or ones I couldn't find copies or downloads of because I had the title wrong or misspelled or something like that.

This website is

Clicked on what I thought were links to songs on your site. Nothing happened so I decided you were just underlining song titles like a good author.

Do you have any recommendations of where to get free or almost free music downloads?

Thanks for taking the time and for sharing! This sounds like were neighbors instead of strangers but it feels appropriate so here goes..... if you need help (other than a donation, sorry can't swing giving dollars away at the moment)let me know!

The "girls" that didn't stick around to listen to your music way back when, may have been "cute" but not bright enough to hang out with super intelligent music masters such as yourselves. Take Care!


Will - not sure about copyright on any of these photos. I just found them in various places to complement the set lists.

Bad Brains rock.

Thanks for your comment.



Nice soundtracks. I like the one with Bad Brains opening. I was wondering if that pic of Hendrix was copywrited and if I needed permission to use it.
No worries, if you're not sure.


Thanks, Jonathan. Making mix tapes and CDs over the last 20 years has been an excellent way to kill a day (once or twice a year). It's become a favorite tradition.

Rock on.


Jonathan Hickie

I just stumbled across this site while looking for a picture of Keith Richards and I have come to the conclusion that you guys rule.

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