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August 28, 2003


I just read your commentary on Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken relative to the latter's CD.

I gotta disagree with you. Ruben is, by far, the superior talent. While his material on American Idol sometimes left quite a bit to be desired, Studdard's talent is unmistakable -- which is evident from his new CD, "Soulful." It's far stronger than Aiken's debut CD.

Aiken's AI performances, on the other hand, were impressive; but he had (and still does) a tendency to try to "sell" a song as though he were onstage, often at the expense of conveying the true emotion of the lyrics.

My comments on "Soulful":


It`s about time!

Ruben Studdard’s debut CD “Soulful” finally presents a collection of tunes worthy of his prodigious vocal talent. With songs like "What is Sexy?" (w/feat & Fat Joe), "It`s All Good," and "No, Rubin," listeners are treated to a series of light, rhythmic romps that provide glimpses into Ruben`s personal life and sense of humor, as well as his free-wheeling vocal artistry. "Sorry" is an achingly soulful ballad destined to become an urban neo-soul classic and may surpass the Great Blackout as the development most singularly responsible for a spate of spanking-new babies sure to be born in 2004.

Covering Luther Vandross` hit "Long Ago" is risky for any artist -- but Studdard pulls it off and makes the song wholly his own. "The big man” also shines with a smoother remake of Al Green’s “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” Even less substantial songs like "What If?" "Play Our Song," “Can I Get Your Attention?” (with feat and Pretty Tony) and "Don`t Quit on Me" are strong and appealing enough to almost forgive the inclusion of the plodding, sappy, lamely sentimental "Flying without Wings." "Wings" is the only stinker in Ruben`s debut performance. Producers, understandably, I suppose, felt they had to include it. After all, it`s the song that put Studdard over the top on American Idol – but this “bonus track” only detracts; the CD would have been stronger without it. Not so with another bonus track, “We Have not Forgotten.” Studdard`s voice is tailor-made for gospel music, and without this track (with Fred Hammond), the CD would have been incomplete.

"Souful" blows away the skeptics and detractors and should once and for all put to rest any lingering sour grapes about Studdard`s American Idol win over Clay Aiken, whose vocal style and delivery are more suited to the Broadway stage than the recording studio.

Folks, the wait is over. Ruben Studdard has arrived.


i just gotta say that all ya haters need to quit it u all know who the real winner is and
there ain't nothin ya'll can do about it
so quit ur whinning and enjoy the deservin winner............Ruben Studdard!!!!!!!

I agree with you, Rubin Studdard has a wonderful CD. His voice is a breath of fresh air. Continued successful for him. The first four songs on his CD, I play over and over again. The rest of the CD is good as well, but to me it's all about the first few. I consider it a good buy when you have at least 2 songs on a CD you like. So, Rubin's CD is a great buy.

I would like to know what Record Lable Rubin is on as I have some Spiritual & other original song that I feel He would do wonders with. How do I submit songs to him. They need someone like him who sings from the HEART.

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