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September 02, 2003


Hi Dan.

Intersting points and comments to nowadays job market. UGH.

I would add to the 3rd point Hire AND RETAIN good employees. It seems self-evident, but it is easier said than done. While hiring an extremely smart individual is an great move - and should not be intimidating - then the real effort is in retaining the person, by keeping up both the challanges of the position and the learning process, and avoiding burn-out. It is very easy to overly push a good element - just as easy than avoid firing a slow one.

Fun to read your comment from the Boston world, now that I am so far away *sigh*.

Chiara - I agree with you 100 percent. With recent rounds of layoffs, pay freezes and miscommunication about company direction, many companies are going to have a severe problem with retention. As soon as the job market opens, the "good ones" are going to consider their options.

The fifth one is true! If all employees are good, the whole team will be better! A company wouldn't like to serve its customers without good employees or representatives, right?

Great employees are what it takes to have a great business. Cheers!

Thanks for the article, and I agree with a lot of the article, because I believe that two most vital points for being able to have proper management companies is to hire good employees, and always act like the supervisor is in the room. Because all it takes is one employee to distract other with the task at hand.

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