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September 28, 2003


Cubs and Red Sox! You've set yourself up for a lifetime of torture. Why not include the Buffalo Bills, Liberal Democrats, and independent book stores and just end it!
Well, I share your affection for this Red Sox team. They are a special bunch, "dirt dogs" who have reminded us of that which is special in sport: when people come together under a shared vision and a high level of commitment they can accomplish anything. Thought they are stcoked with great talent, their "oneness" as a cohesive team unit is what produces the great moments, often in those late inning wee small hours.
This is a lovable bunch that has penetrated even the layers of tundra-like scar tissue common within Red Sox Nation.
As for me, the most tantalizing prospect is not Red Sox/Cubs, it's an homage to two great Parks - not stadiums - Wrigley and Fenway. A fitting trubute as we approach their centennial.


Rich - Fenway and Wrigley are baseball shrines. Should the Red Sox and Cubs battle it out, you're going to see a Fox ratings bonanza.


Well, a Cubs / Red Sox matchup probably won't happen this year, but at least the two teams get to face each other during the regular season. I'd give anything to see one of those games.

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