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September 14, 2003


it is great
can you please send me some info on the beatles?
your sincerely

Where the fuck are Pink Floyd, you intelectually inane person??

It's an all right list you have here. I like seeing The Who around the top and Led Zeppelin. However, I think AC/DC and Pink Floyd need a spot on the list. Maybe instead of the Grateful Dead or Janis Joplin

OK where the fuck are THE DOORS and PINK FLOYD.

Where in the hell is AC\DC, they are the best bloody band of all time.

Get your act straight

The list seriously needs changing.

These should be the top 5


2.The Beatles

3.Led Zeppelin

4.The Rolling Stones

5.Black Sabbath

I love AC/DC, but they just didn't make my top 10. AC/DC was one of the first concerts I ever saw, back in 1976. I knew then they would be a powerhouse and they've proven me right. Rock on.


i hate limp biskit they f-ing suck

its not bad but i think guns n roses and pink floyd and queen need a place

I love Guns 'n' Roses (too bad Axel burned out), Queen and Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett was a genius and Brian May is an underrated guitarist. Tough to pick a top 10 list, though. Lots of good music out there, especially from the '70s.

don't forget jimi

bruce springsteen no #1 all the way

Bruce Springsteen is clearly one of the best live performers who ever stepped on stage.

The list needs to be increased. I agree with some of your top ten. However, I've seem most of the performers you have mentioned. Bob Seger has to be somewhere there, the best I ever seen live!

Wilson Pickett, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, blues players like Elmore James, Freddie King and those that came earlier.

Why should Janis Joplin be on the list and not Etta James? Etta sang with a band that had guitars and drums, that fits into your "classic rock" scheme doesnt it? Not if youre marketing it to white suburbia.

Its a shame kids have to grow up seeing the above bands deified and talked about to the point that the origins of the music are obscured.

In short dont stop at what the radio has to offer you.

I never saw Bob Seger live but I'm sure he's good. I wouldn't consider him a 'Top 10' performer.

Agreed on the radio comment as well. I'm sure there are bands I've never heard of that are terrific. Joni Mitchell wrote about this: "He Played Real Good For Free."

But a list is a list and this is where I stand ... for now.


Here's my list -

10 U2 - The band has one of the best vocalist (Bono), the most talented guitarist (Edge) and a superb presence onstage.

9 The Grateful Dead - A bunch of really talented musicians who could cast a spell on the audiences with their performance.

8 AC/DC - Have a look at the number of people who attend their concerts !

7 Iron Maiden - I have to say the one thing that really impressed me was Bruce Dickinsons persona and his presence onstage. And of course when he is on stage - he rules.

6 Dire Starits - Some of the best classic performances in concert to date. 'Vintage Performances'is what I would say.

5 The Beatles - Not my favorite band but yeah I give them lot of credit for inspiring bands.

4 The Doors - Ask the Gals. Most of them I know are still obsessed.

3 Led Zeppelin - The charishma of Robert Plant with the talent of Jimmy Page and sheer power of John Bonham is what it takes to be one of the most inspiring rock bands ever.

2 Metallica - Superb stage presence. They have the biggest fan following in Metal history.

1 Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E is all I can say. There's nothing better than those concerts.

Great list, Vinay. I will definitely check out P.U.L.S.E.

Once more ; where the fuck is pink floyd ?????

Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?

Dave Matthews Band.... ??? Come on...


OMG ppls get some real music not ppl like bob dylan and really old singers

Where the hell is Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd? Like I get some of this list but Jimi and Pink definitely have to do with a lot of what's happening in music today. Seriously

how is queen not on this list? no one put on a show like freddy. when people perform they want imitate him.

Freddie Mercury was terrific. But when you only have 10 choices, it's tough.

Jimi hendrix should be here and meatloaf and guns 'n' roses

Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.......all those who follow try to be them.They are energy, they are rock!!The new ANGRY bald singers of the millenium are never going to change that,even if they do have big lips.Sorry.

people are always going to complain about lists like these.
Some people would complain if it was changed and some people would disagree with YOUR opinions. If it bothers you all so much...MAKE YOUR OWN LIST!

people are always going to complain about lists like these.
Some people would complain if it was changed and some people would disagree with YOUR opinions. If it bothers you all so much...MAKE YOUR OWN LIST!

Everyone just agree on one thing and stop swearing because most schools in the world haven`t blocked this site and little kids could learn bad words off you guys and put Ac/Dc up the top

This is from all ya mum`s go find a better hobbie abdb get off the internet and find a guy/girl and start a life ima out catch ya`s cheers pppfff ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!!!!!!

YOU PEOPLE...god sake!!!!


Where's QUEEN??????????

freddie mercury > all


I'm guessing Pink Floyd and The Doors were too fucking good for this list! They were religion... not bands.

You can't put all the best bands in ten spots and you definitely can't name the Beatles number one. They were the first one's to bring rock to the main vein but they were in no way better than many others in their day. Zeppelin and Hendrix had more musical talent in their fingernails than did the Beatles. Beatles were pop singers that made gazillions from five or six chords.

Angus Young: the best stage guitarist of all time. If you want blood, you've got it. F the boyhumpin beatles.


no QUEEEEEEEEEEN?? Freddie Mercury was/still the greatest.

no def leopard? what the fuck is wrong with you people!?!?

def leopard sucks serious balls live trust me never go see them live. I'd like to touch on something it is stage performers. So my question is Why the fuck isant alice cooper #1 or even on the list for that mater? He is the king of shock rock, and well that should say it all. Ever get a chance to see him live go see it, dude is the sickest man alive. How is it that the dude that chops his head off in his concerts not #1 or even on list, is just past my thoughts.

freddie mercury or bust! he's the greatest..... so why isn't queen even on your list?
just look at their performance at live aid 1986 agaisnt others and you will understand why...

Yea, I'll go along with the "where the fuck are Pink Floyd/The Doors", etc... But seriously, what about Queen? Freddie Mercury really knew how to hold the crowd in the PALM OF HIS HAND!!

wheres green day they are so good at performing

Who are the beatles/ Bugs of some sort?

Is the who jim carey's band?

the stones are by far the best live band ever.the beatles couldnt keep up with the stones in terms of live peformances thats one of the reasons they broke up prematurely

music is an inspiration for the soul, rejuvenates us, helps us be better. We should make many of our daily tasks to the sound of music

I know not too many people in America are aware of how awesome Rammstein is (given how they stopped touring here after they got arrested...), so I forgive you for not having them on your list, but do yourself a favor and check out some of their live shows.

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