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December 15, 2003


Good points, all.
I was particularly struck by #5. A
few years ago I worked for a person
who had horrible interpersonal skills.
His team was miserable. Then he took
a management course (practical stuff,
not theory). And they taught him of
the need to open up his personal life
to the team. So, at the beginning of
every weekly staff meeting, he would
start off telling the group about
something happening (or that had
happened) in his life, then everyone
else in the group would provide a
"sharing" story. Anyway, long story
short - his team became a much more
productive, enjoyable place to work.
And he's since gone on to lead the
entire marketing team at AOL. So,
opening up about who you are and what
motivates you can go a long way towards
building captial in an organization.
Unless you're a jerk. :)

Thanks for the comments, Sam. Having fun and developing relationships definitely helps creativity and productivity.



I cannot determine if you are Dan Miller. Are you Dan Miller?

If you can prevent this from posting I would appreciate it.

This is helpful...especially for an interview. Thanks so much!

Saima - you're very welcome.

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