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April 24, 2004


Dear Dan,
Thank you for sharing your pictures of your Bleeding Hearts, they are lovely. I just got my first one as a Mothers Day gift and am a bit frightened that I may ruin it. I was always under the impression that these particular flowering plants belonged in a hanging planter that allowed them to hang and grow freely. Your photos show yours prospering in a garden setting, and all the information I am finding via internet also shows them in garden. Any advice? Truthfully I wanted to write and thank you, your flowers are lovely and a nice gift to a stranger. My thanks and hopes for continued prosperity. S. Bigler

SallyAnn --

Bleeding Hearts are perennials that are easy to plant in the Northeast (we're in Boston).

We planted ours last spring and they flourished in the second year.

Good luck, and thanks for your kind words.


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