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May 23, 2004


I like Jordan Evans' approach to retention, especially Customization. However, the example for showing concern for family is a bit much for me. Show concern but PLEASE don't EVER show my family to my group! We're loud and we fight all the time. Our dinner table used to be like the first scene in "Saturday Night Fever" when John Travolta is sitting at his own dinner table and a fight breaks out over the last pork chop. So, show concern and maybe even some interest but PLEASE don't ever show videos :)

Excellent post! but wanted to subscribe to RSS feeds and you have that feature turned off :( It is an option on the TypePad menu.

Good Moringing.,
Currently i'm working in Eureka Forbes ltd., as A Hr Executive. Here our attrition rate is very high. For that we need to retain people within our concern. we also using retention activities but that could not be effective. So kindly give me some idea

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