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May 14, 2004


I agree with the Boogie Nights scene and Mark Wahlberg. That was creepy. Say Anything is another classic. John Cusack is the best.

I will never, I repeat never get over the "Marathon Man" scene. One of the most psychologically horrifying scenes in movie history, IMO.
"Say Anything" is pitch perfect. Cusack at his best.

I like your 10 most memorable movie moments, especially "Is it safe."

My favorite: 1939 Gone with the Wind, when Scarlet O'Hara raises her dirt-filled fist in the evening dusk and says, "I have to steal or kill-- as God is my witness, I'm never going to be hungry again."

"Marathon Man" seems to always get a reaction when the movie is mentioned. That's quite a different Laurence Olivier from the one who played Heathcliff in "Wuthering Heights."

Thanks for the comments.


What a faggot! Top 5 are the worst movies ever.

What about the pawn shop scene in Pulp Fiction? I can't believe that's not on here.

Neil - the Pulp Fiction pawn shop scene is a good one.

Thanks for the feedback.


what about the scene in "The Untouchables" Grand Central Station with the Kid in the Pram and all the slo mo's etc.. this must deserve a mention!?

I cannot believe you dont have the last scene in the godfather. he just told her he didnt kill his brother in law.. and that everything is normal . she goes to mix a drink for him and others walk in the room . one kissing his hand saying godfather . his bodyguard walks over . no emotion on his face and shuts the door . the camera comes to her face . as the door closes and you see she realizes.. just what she married into .. its intense and mesmorizing . Coppala is a master filmmaker. or the scenes with Brando from Apocolyps now . the horror.!! .. you need to watch more movies

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I like number 4 scene. I remember this. its really an adrenaline rush!

Chopsticks from Big in my opinion is one of the most memorable scene it should be on everybody's list.

Just to say Bravo! I'm going to get around to it soon. Thanks for sharing it so briefly.

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