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December 07, 2004


I have to quibble with one of your definitions: Boston drivers don't panic in rotaries. Upon approaching a rotary, the seasoned Boston driver will floor it until he reaches ramming speed (especially if he is driving either a gigantic SUV or an '81 Dodge Omni). It's only timid furriners unfamiliar with our local ways who panic inside these donuts of death.

Adam - point taken. Whether they're furriners or local aggressors, rotaries strike an emotional, spastic chord in bad drivers.


You know, I'm tired of people calling us bad drivers. Are you sure the bad drivers aren't the transplants driving around with Massachusetts plates? To be a good driver in the Boston area, you have to know what lane to get into and at what time. The locals are the ones who know this because they know the roads and it's the transplants who are screwing things up! Also, as I recall, I was told that I did an excellent job when I drove Richard and you into Boston for the bachelor gathering in 2000 and I'm a Boston driver.

Not everyone who drives in Boston is a bad driver. There are some excellent exceptions, like this woman I know from Leominster. But you have to admit -- there are some really bad drivers in this town. Maybe they're newbies and the natives aren't the problem. Whatever.


Sorry, but I had to defend myself. You are right though, there are bad drivers; however, they are regional. For example, in South Boston, there aren't any driving rules. Whitey Bulger did away with them a long time ago. In Malden, Melrose, and Everett, don't bother with lights. In Cambridge, don't even bother driving because the pedestrians rule the roads. In Boston proper, watch out for the transplants because they don't know what lane to get into. Rotaries differ depending which town you're in.

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