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December 21, 2004


Cool list. But what about Caddyshack and Animal House?

Nice list but what about the movie that changed the industry, Star Wars! I believe it is the one that started the special effects revolution.


I recognize that this list results from two years of work and I appreciate that. The result, as you forewarn, is entirely subjective; thus providing a bullet-proof defense against any criticism.

That said, one word of protest. The Breakfast Club at Numbero Uno while The Godfather is at #90? That does take guts. And, while I'm sure that 80's burnouts and Simple Minds fan will approve of your number one, what say you to Molly Ringwald fans who bemoan the absence of both Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink from your list? Heck, I didn't even see St. Elmo's Fire!

"The Breakfast Club" is far superior to both "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty in Pink." There is no better study of high school cliques, and almost the entire movie was shot in a library. The dialogue is deep with meaning, and anyone who has walked high school halls as an 11th-grader can relate. It's a beautiful film with excellent acting all-around. The jock, the stoner, the motorhead, the prima donna, the brain and the whacked-out weird girl (we all knew one) showcases high school better than anything on film.

I simply wasn't crazy about "The Godfather." I recognize its importance, but it didn't resonate with me.

"Star Wars" was good, and I recognize its importance to the film industry, but I just wasn't captivated by it. Just my opinion.


I agree on your choice of the Breakfast Club and many other choices and non-choices. I'm really only missing Ferris Bueller's Day Off--it captivated me with it's theme of youthful rebellion mixed with impulsivity, stirred in to the message of living each day, etc. The fabulous setting (Chicago landmarks) and snappy dialogue completed " the picture".

Cyn -- "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is indeed a classic, perhaps the best "playing hookey" movie ever made. I'm sure Sarah Jessica Parker watched this when it came out and said, "hey, that Matthew Broderick is cute."

Chicago is a wonderful city.

This is the best top 100 list I have ever seen. All of my favorites are here including Field of Dreams, Groundhog Day, Back To The Future, Ghost and Rockstar. My favorite movie not here is Liar Liar :) Well done! The non-clusion of some of the older and more classicly respected films is appriciated, because a lot of them don't connect with my generation so well.

Kip - glad you enjoyed the list. Jim Carrey rocks.


There were some great movies that others have noted. Ferris Bueller's day off, The Star Wars Trilogy, but also Total recall, Glory, Saving Private Ryan, Top Gun and The Never Ending Story. I was a kid once too you know.

But generally I like your list. There are none that suck there. Just a few I'd add, maybe the list could be top 107!?

"Saving Private Ryan" was very good, agreed. I never saw "The Neverending Story." I'll put it in my Netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation.


Poor LIST a little film named SCARFACE do anything for you...

David - I liked "Scarface" but it wasn't one of my favorite movies. Pacino has had better moments (but he was very good in this).

Man, there are a few movies you need to watch that would make it on that list. Almost Famous, Go, and Requiem for a Dream. But at least you got The Doors.

Hombre - good call on "Almost Famous." Loved the movie. Probably deserves a place here.


uh...I hope you have bulletproof defense...how exactly is it that you defend placing Galaxy Quest and Shallow Hal above Pulp Fiction, Psycho, and Apocolypse Now...How do you claim that The School of Rock has a better meaning, or is more moving than, or is just overall a better movie than Braveheart? I notice that though Saving Private Ryan, and The Green Mile failed to be mentioned, Private Parts claims the 85th spot on the list... But back to Braveheart, how can you claim that you subjectively put a movie (needless to say won like 3 or 5 academy awards including best actor and director, same guy) that inspires courage, a movie that is a love story, and action movie, and a heartbreaking tragedy all in one, a movie that does all of those things, and still manages to show some comic relief while boasting an amazing soundtrack, a movie that is above all else based on a true man, a true story, how can you claim that you subjectively put that movie at the 86th spot, while Rock star is given the 14th best movie spot EVER, ultimately losing out to what is apparently the greatest cinematic achievement in history, The Breakfast Club.

Kevin - thanks for your comments. The list is my list and I wasn't trying to write for anyone else. I agree that "Braveheart" is terrific, but it doesn't entertain me the way "Rock Star" and "The Breakfast Club" do. The beauty of a list is that it creates good public debate. If I can incite a reaction, creating the list was worthwhile.

i can respect that, but based on entertainment...to say that birdcage is more profoundly more entertaining than jurassic park, the matrix, and the shawshank redemption?...i know there is nothing i can say that will change your viewpoint, because this list is your opinion...i guess it's simply a great difference in opinion.

Kevin - if you like, give me your top 10 movies of all time with a short sentence and I'll publish your list as a blog entry. Would love to see your list and share it with people.


try watching eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. its like the best movie ever. also being john malcovich is good. Charlie kaufman is awesome.

Shit list.

Wow! That's a really nice list! I like how you didn't just put in those supposedly "good" movies, but instead put in movies that people actually enjoyed watching. I've never seen Casablanca, so I can't judge. I myself have never been a fan of Star Wars - so what if it's a revolutionary blah blah blah? It's a tedious movie with a horrible plot!

Anyway, my favourites on that list include Titanic, The Wizard of Oz, Back To The Future, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Vanilla Sky, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption (...so good), and Groundhog's Day. Love 'em! :D

Agreed, D. Thanks for your feedback and for stopping by.

This list is mind-blowing horrible. Reading this list made me sick to my stomach. You CLEARLY have absolutely no knowledge about filmmaking in the very least possible sense of the word, and you couldn't have possibly been more amazingly wrong. It's not that all of your picks were bad necessarily, the primary fault with this list is the order. That couldn't be more wrong. I might reconsider killing myself if the order was completely different. I would give examples of why your order is so terrible, but it would be a waste of time because there's an infinite number of examples. The worst part is that you're actually serious. People who are idiots will read this list and will sadly agree with you because they also have zero knowledge. Disgusting.

Wow - I love your passion. Can you honestly tell me "The Godfather" is better than "The Breakfast Club" or "Rock Star"?

I didn't think so.

this is such a great list. i just love the wizard of oz. i have wanted thousand times.

rate new and old movies

In my opinion Forrest Gump is the most authentic movie cause tom hanks is really creative concerning a movie and the chance to see Elvis Presley is unique hahah real nice .

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