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February 24, 2005


Why is it that when people lie, we reward them and when they tell the truth, we say they are "trashing" others? If one of his team mates committed murder, should he not speak the truth because there's a "universal code"? So what if it's on national TV, they are TV sportsmen and celebrities. If they can't take the heat then they need to get out of the game. Good for Canseco!

Hmm. Not sure I think we reward people for lying. Can't think of any examples other than keeping Clinton in office after he lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Murder is much different than designer drug use and infidelity, which are unethical but not criminal acts.

You're saying that Canseco's truth is trashing others like McGwire when he also juiced himself and I believe Canseco is telling the truth.

As far as Clinton is concerned, he was impeached. However, should Tripp have never come out with the truth because she was having a confidential conversation with Monica? Was Tripp "trashing" Monica and the President? Abosultely not. She told the truth and she should be rewarded for it.

If it's murder, taking drugs, or having an affair lying is lying. Thank the Lord for those who have the guts to tell the truth.

Fair enough. Point taken.

Your point is taken too. Is Canseco exposing the truth because he wants to be a good samaritan like Jeffrey Wigand did on the tobacco industry. (Now there's an industry that was rewarded for totally unethical lying and a whistle blower who lost EVERYTHING.) I believe Canseco needs money and he holds a grudge against the baseball clubs. His motives are completely selfish.

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