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February 25, 2005


Ah, but this year, it is May that we so look forward to! Hope you and Chris are doing great.

Tim - May is always a good month, but will be especially in bloom this year!

The "Master" and "Guru" in Picking the Electric, Acoustic, Steel-Pedal, and Banjo for that matter is :

""Jerry Garcia""

The "Master" and "Guru" of the Mandolin is :

""David Grisman""

The "Master`s" and "Guru`s" of the Drums:

Micky Hart : Grateful Dead
Billy Kreutzmann: Grateful Dead

There's nothing like listening to Winterland '68 on a beautiful May afternoon.

Hey Dan you are totally awesome!

Your totally right on the money!!!!!

But can you tell these people on this web page,

That ,The "Master" and "Guru" in Picking the Electric,Acoustic, Steel-pedal, and Banjo for that matter is:

""""Jerry Garcia""""

Where do you come from Dan. I live in London, england, and you . lets talk ok

Thanks for the comments, Jack.

We all need a miracle every day to spend quality time above the ground. The women may be smarter, but that's OK.

I'm in Boston, or west London to you. Sam Adams or Guinness are fine preludes to the craftsmanship of Jerry's handiwork. The China Cat Sunflowers will soon be in bloom.

Hey Dan i have seen over 70 Grateful Dead shows and you Dan how many shows have you seen? yes your right about Jerry`s Handiwork. Dan have you seen the Dead at Fillmore west or Fillmore east, I have. Hey Dan tell every body whats what on these Rock Guitarists web pages . they dont know anything about who is the best picker on Electric, Acoustic, Steel-Pedal, and Banjo for that matter. The "Master" and "Guru" of all these Is: ""Jerry(SPUD)Garcia"".

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