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February 03, 2005


Nice list. Before I started scrolling down I was wondering if HT was going to be on there.

Zep "In Through the Out Door" may not be the best album cover in the world, but it's certainly one of the most clever.

I'd also put Floyd "Wish You Were Here" on an honorable mention list.

"Who are You" falls into the "Street Survivors" class as far as Moon sitting in the 'not to be taken away' chair. "Who's Next" was pretty gutsy.


Agreed on "Who's Next" and "Wish You Were Here." And "In Through the Out Door" was unique (didn't that originally come in a paper bag?).

Tough to pick just 10. Santana "Abraxas" is pretty good. And "Abbey Road" sure created a lot of controversy with Paul's bare feet.

Boy, you tweak some memory chords sometimes. I moved away from the east when I was 18, but Caldor--
that was K-Mart before K-Mart (and as a teenager I of course, hated it).

Good list.

I'd have to add the first Pretenders album cover. I don't know that it was "brilliant," but it sure was riveting. Chrissie Hynde, fingerless gloves, and leather. Oh, the possibilities!

Yeah - Chrissie Hynde. One of the original female rockers. Good choice.

Who is sitting at the bar in the "In Through The Out Door" cover?

Hmm. Not sure. Jimmy Page? Bob Dylan? Wilfredo Matos?

just wondering if u could give me a hand with a pic?

what about more of the pure contrasting visual incredibility, like Yes's?
or any more modern albums as well? some people still like covers! like the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Californication." A classic!

I like the list.
Personally, I would have to add Live's Throwing Copper and The Darkness with Permission To Land. What about Extreme's Accidental Collication Of Atoms?

Again I am reminded of what an amazing though short-lived experience Hell Toupee was. Billy put that album cover together in record time since he only had 20 minutes before the brain had to be returned. I remember his house smelled like formaldehyde for quite some time. Next time you’re wondering whether or not to check the “organ donor” box on you license application I’ll bet you’ll think of Hell Toupee.

Nice list.

Sgt. Pepper FTW.

I put together a list of the best and worst album covers of 2008. Click my name below if you're interested.


I disagree almost full heartedly on this list... I understand Yes, but it almost seems that you only took the greats in the industry and grab their best looking covers... bugs me that you have not broadened your musical horizon to even more modern music as well... The greats had good artwork, but there are many modern album covers such as The Mars Volta covers that I would drop off in my top ten album covers....
Rating: 1/10

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