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May 16, 2005


I think both albums are great. How can you pick one over the other? If I had to choose, I'd probably pick Rubber Soul. Just my opinion.

Congratulations from Barcelona.
My favorite album is RUBBER SOUL.
The Beatles forever !!!!!

It's not "My Bell" on 'Michelle.' It's "Ma Belle", which translates to "my beautiful one." I agree with your evaluation of the song, but you got that part wrong.

Trying to compare Rubber Soul and Revolver is as stupid as trying to compare each of the Beatles to one another. It's pointless. Secondly John Lennon mostly wrote and sang 'Girl', not Paul.

LOL Paul sang "Girl"? I don't think so.

lol, this guys got no idea what hes talking about.

I disagree with a lot of this, I love "Girl". I personally think "Got to get you into my life" is better as well.

Why argue?!?
Check out http://beatlesbattle.com/ and find out which you like more!

Personally, I feel if you are to compare these albums, you need to compare them on there so called weaknesses, if indeed there are any. I feel that Rubber Soul wins with only Ringo's "song" as a possible dip in quality. Revolver has songs that are truly "next step" creations, but when you compare songs like Eleanor Rigby or Here, There, and Everywhere to Doctor Robert or And Your Bird Can Sing, there are greater dips in quality of material. But not with Georges material! A tough call, but I feel Rubber Soul is a more even "listen".

There's a few errors in this post,
What Goes On is a Ringo song, for example.

Personally I think Revolver edges Rubber Soul, but barely.

mmm...apples and oranges, imho...both are truly incredible albums...just depends on the mood i'm in.

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