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June 18, 2005


When you paid your bill, did you write a letter explaining the situation and that if you do not get a credit you will no longer buy from Dell? This always works for me.

I didn't, but I should have. The way I look it, I've wasted enough time on Dell. The product is good. It's the service that is bad. Unfortunately, it's the service you remember the next time you make a purchasing decision.

Dell has a started a new dirty trick. I had vowed to never buy from them over 2 yrs. ago after a completely impossible experience with their customer service/billing dept. in-fighting. Now, they've started billing me for a system I did not buy due to the terrible customer service.This was >2yrs ago. My thought was if they were this bad just during the ordering process, their after-purchase service would be non-existant.They've still managed to make it worse by starting to threaten me for collection of the 60th late payment on a business loan I never had. I've sent 2 certified letters with all the right info.requests and stipulations and received nothing but more threatening letters and phone calls. I won't pay it to avoid more hassel or they'll just keep on making up more bills to send me.My mailing address has remained the same. I didn't recieve any of the contracts or billings they report sending until the 60th late payment? Come on. Any ideas?

Roxanne -- yikes. It sounds like you've done your due diligence dealing with Dell. You may want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It's situations like yours that require a grassroots effort to educate consumers. Dell's customer service is very overrated. Good luck and keep the faith.


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