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July 14, 2005


This realy is a mystery of the sea> One thing that only some may no the answer to

dis krap or theorys are dumb why don't they just forget about it they are never gonna solve dat krap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why don't people just send a robot wit a camera goin towards the (BERMUDA TRIANGLE) to see where does it goes, just like people send robots to space....?

Wel i think this is all a load of crap how could a big thing appear in the water and how could the planes land exactly in its a load of shit and they foundbodies floating in the water there not gonna escape the triangle its the biggest load of crap ever!!!!
People that believe that would believe anything.......what happens is the things sink and crash land and go straight to the bottom and cause of the water they lose signal and go off the radar and they say they couldn't find the plane they didn't fucking look the pussys scientists really suck cock nowadays

very intresting .

hi lakshm,inarayana biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidfgdhgZJxc

its very interesting
but i wanted to more about it

can u tell me



we cant send a robot because we dont know the situation at that ocean. About the magnetic gravitational feild, it could be. But if magnetic gravitational why in some artical say haved a whirlpool? Magnet could not make a whirlpool, so thing about it.

not only in bermuda traingle but there are so many other ponds where this kinda of things occur... but according to oyr myth people say those who died there, their spirits haunts other who visit near them, its sounds quiet funny but many people believe this.......

i think the theroy of the bermuda triangle is that there a huge tonado in it and it sucks everything that reaches or passes throw the bermuda triange into it

wel,it is good for us to know,that we need to send a human robot...to know why? bermuda triangle has a mysterious magnetic field... it is ok that we try a robot.....ok

The creation of God Almighty (SOMIAH) father of the jinn

Before the creation of Adam, peace be upon him two thousand years

And the Almighty said to (SOMIAH): Wish

He said (SOMIAH): I wish to see and do not see,

And Ngheb to rest,

Khlna and becomes a young man ..

And the love of God Almighty's (SOMIAH) desirable,

Land and grant him what he wants them ..

And so it was the first of the jinn servant of the Lord in the land.

(Source: the view of Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him).

But the nation came from the jinn, rather than rural primary thanks to the Lord for the blessing of blessings to them,

Bsvkhm become corrupt in the land of blood among them ..

And the Lord commanded his soldiers to invade the land of the angels to root out the evil uncle and the punishment of the children of devils on the spoilers.

Angels and invaded the land and killed the killed and displaced displaced from the jinn .. Provided a small number of the jinn, hiding the islands and high mountains .. And the families of angels and jinn (devil), who was then young, and took him away to the sky. (Source: Tafsir Ibn Massoud) ..

Enlarge (the devil) among the angels, and followed their diligence in obedience to the Creator, the Almighty .. And the Lord gave him the status of a great Sultan Ptullith heaven.

And the creation of the Lord father of mankind (Adam) peace be upon him .. And ordered the angels to prostrate for (Adam), and worshiped all in obedience to the Lord, but (Satan) refused prostrate .. After the Lord asked him why he refused he said: ((I'm better than him, You created me from fire and him from clay)).

And the expulsion of the Lord (Satan) of mercy, as punishment for his disobedience and older than him .. Having seen (Satan) the outgrowth of the case, he asked the Lord to extend his life until the Day of Resurrection, and the Lord answered his request .. Then take (the devil) vows (Adam) and his descendants after him that he would be the cause of their expulsion from the mercy of God.

He says: {When your Lord said to the angels: I am creating a mortal out of clay. If I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My spirit, then fall down before him prostrate. Angels prostrated themselves, all. Iblis was arrogant, and was one of the unbelievers. He said: O Iblis, what prevented you to prostrate have created with my hands or you because of your pride. Said I am better than me from fire and him from clay. Said verily, the. If you need to Anti to the Day of Judgement. Says the Lord then respite until the Day of Resurrection. You said of those reprieved. To an appointed time. Said I will surely companions. Only mislead them. Said right and the right to say. I will fill hell with thee and those that follow them companions Signs 7185} Al.

I live the Lord (Adam) Paradise, and create his or humans (Eve) to Twnasseh in its unity, and gave them absolute freedom in paradise, but the forbidden tree to eat them .. He says: {I live you and your spouse both Paradise and a plenteous, but approach not this tree lest ye become wrongdoers} Verse 35 Sura.

While it was on fire inside (Satan) lighted, a non-revenge (Adam), who sees the reason for his expulsion from the mercy of the Lord .. He is aware that his age and envy for (Adam) were the ones who Odaa status to which it Tbooha among the angels, and the loss of the most important being expelled from the mercy of his Lord.

Paradise was guarded by the angels who are deprived (the devil) entered as instructed by the Lord so .. And he (Satan) will enter Paradise Yemen self so that he can (Adam) who did not leave.

Vahtdy the trick .. He saw a living that they can enter heaven and exit, without guards prevent the angels from entering or leaving ... He asked the help of the live entry of the Commission, that is hiding inside the combine even with the guards of angels .. And agreed to live and hide (the devil) so managed within the passage of the angels to guard the inside of Paradise undetected trick .. So as to know not only the wisdom of God. (Source: Tafsir Ibn Kathir).

And asked (the devil) of living help complement him, and agreed .. And science (the devil) by order of the tree which forbade the Lord Almighty (Adam) and (Eve) from eating them, and found that it is the way it will be able to seduce him (Adam) and (Eve) to save them from obedience to the Lord, and they came out of mercy, just like him.

Found (the devil) and in vivo (Adam) and (Eve) in Paradise, Vogoy (Satan) (Adam), while seduced living (Eve) even ate from the tree, after Oohemehma that they were from mentors, and to eat from this tree become of the immortals , and the owners of the king does not wear out.

And the anger of the Lord (Adam) and (Eve) to Oklhma from the tree .. And mentioned the warning to them: {Onhecma pain that tree and less as the devil as an avowed enemy} verse 22 of Surat al.

Not found (Adam) and (Eve) any justification for their actions but to seek forgiveness: {wronged ourselves, and our Lord did not forgive us for mercy we shall certainly be one of the losers} verse 23 of Surat al.

And the rule of the Lord (Adam) and (Eve) and (Satan) and live after what happened: {Go forth to one another, some of the enemy and you on earth a habitation and provision for, while} Verse 36 Sura.

The Nasdaq (Adam) and (Eve) from heaven to earth and specifically in India and went over the commentators .. While down (the devil) in the 'Dstmisan' in the vicinity of Basra .. And landed living in Esfahan. (Source: the beginning and the end for many years).

And repented the Lord (Adam) and (Eve), and promised rewards of heaven that followed the guidance, and with fire that strayed way: {and whoever follows My guidance no fear, nor shall they grieve. And those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, those owners of the Fire they will abide therein}.

((In the ground confrontation between mankind and the jinn and Satan .. builds his kingdom))

The land was barren desert, but the Lord gave (Adam) from the fruits of paradise to cultivate knowledge of workmanship after everything .. And planting (Adam) the fruits of paradise on earth, and begotten of the (Eve) boys, and stayed on the Lord to obey his commands and avoid what He has forbidden.

Nor did it die (the devil) for his hostility toward the fire (Adam), although what he did to expel Abu humans from Paradise .. Yemen was self deprive him of Paradise forever just like him .. But what work? He believes that his hostility has been exposed, could no longer face (Adam), which is based on obedience to the Lord, but (the devil) inherently weak, as the Almighty told us this: {The devil was weak} Nisa verse 76, not only on the strength of his astray: {I will surely companions. Only mislead them}.

Therefore chose to use his weapon 'whispers', but not at the (Adam) and (Eve), but on their son (Cain), who was to marry a Yemeni self Toomth that the Lord willing, to marry his brother (Abel) ... Whispered (Satan) b (Cain) killing of his brother (Abel) pays what happened murder .......... And the story are well known.

Found (the devil) so that the offspring (Adam) goal .. Avoidance (Adam) and (Eve) to the strong belief and repentance was great, and put most of its objectives in their line, which he saw more vulnerable to whims and desires .. Began to show the existence of evil and the infinite.

Mata (Adam) and (Eve), thought (the devil) to the end of their deaths to escape from confrontation, and he was able to appear publicly for the humans waged war on them, because they are weak can not afford confrontation .. Appeared to the public and with the creation of the jinn and demons and monsters chained to simplify its influence on life on earth.

But the Lord willing, to grant victory to the children of mankind on the army which he founded Satanism (Satan) from the jinn and chained and ogres, when the great victory of a man named (Mhlael) and the ratio is: 'Mhlael Kinn Bin Bin Bin Anoush Seth son of Adam, peace be upon him peace be upon him' .. The story goes that the king of the seven regions and the first logging.

The (Mhlael) Mahsntin founded two cities: the city of Babylon and the city of licorice maximum, for sheltering humans from any danger that threatens them .. Then founded his army medial, who was the first army in the life of mankind to the defense of Babylon, and licorice-Aqsa, and the fierce battle between the Army (Mhlael) and Army (Satan), and wrote the Lord victory by the ins, where he was killed by chained and ogres and a large number of elves, provided (the devil) of confrontation.

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