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July 27, 2005



My friend tore the Plantaris Muscle 4 weeks ago....the pain is now very bad and the Dr does not give him any reliefe.....the area is very black and blue and swollen with allot of pain....is surgery indicated in this case? Thanks Alma Marshall

Alma - surgery should only be a last resort and is probably not necessary. I kept my leg elevated for about four weeks and alternated between ice and heat. As long as your friend does his/her best to stay off of it, it should heal on its own.


I ruptured both of mine (at different times). The pain is immense, however, the pain was almost completely gone is just 7 days. Although it was far from healed at least I could walk again.

That's gotta hurt, hope you recover soon. I too had a tendon pulled, took months to get back to my regular game of squash. Again, hope you recover soon.

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