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July 22, 2005


What? Nothing by Tony Iommi? He's one of the best ever.

Are we talking about only rock'n roll? Or are we talking about any kind of music?

Tony Iommi checks in at No. 56 with "War Pigs."
- Dan

Liz - it's the readership of Guitar World, so I assume this reflects mostly rock 'n roll.
- Dan

Thank you, Dan for recognizing The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards on this list. I realize that the Stones are not among your faves, but Keith's blues-inspired guitar has left us with some of the nastiest riffs around.

Is "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" Keith or Mick Taylor?

Ok, what about Stevie Ray Vaughn? I know a lot of people don't like Santana but I have to say, he should be on the list too.

It is Mick Taylor, not Keith Richards, on lead guitar for "Can't You Hear Me Knocking." Thanks to Mike for the correction.

Why isnt Eddie Van Halens solo from the song "Dreams" on the list?

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