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September 21, 2005


Hi Dan - I too rediscovered the Doobie Brothers a couple of years ago - for fun music to work out to. But the big surprise was "South City Midnight Lady" which amazingly evoked strong emotions - even tho it had been 20+ years since I heard it.... and now just reading your words, I feel joy and peace. Thanks.

"South City Midnight Lady" is an excellent, underappreciated song. I think I'm going to go out and buy the first two albums as well.

Hey guys,

I am one of those nuts who haven't rediscovered the Doobies. Reason is - I never left them, despite all the other stuff around. I found them first on Toulouse Streets and just kept right on with them. Even in the Michael McDonald phase, there has been some good music. The Takin It' album had some interesting stuff on it, but I do agree the Tom Johnston phases have probably been most exciting.
Favorite album - What were once vices;
Favorite track - Ukiah.
Saw them a couple of years ago here at Hammersmith in London and it was just great. So great in fact, that my 19 year daughter turned on to them and stole my T-shirt I bought at the concert, and I haven't seen it since !!!!!
Stick with them, age just seems to either make them better, or our enjoyment greater. Either way they are my no. 1 all time band

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