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September 06, 2005


You mean, Chloe can't go to a KISS concert with you?! :)

Oops, I forgot to give you my top concerts. Here are my top three. 1) Dave Brubeck "The Next Generation" with Paul Desmond, one of the greatest clarinetists in the world at Symphony Hall with my sister, Alison and my parents around 1975. 2) Peter Tosh, 1982 Memorial Auditorium, Burlington Vermont. 3) Steve Winwood, Highlife Tour, Greatwoods, around 1987 or 1988.

I would have loved to have seen Peter Tosh. He was a reggae icon. Chloe will be going to concerts soon. We'll give her a few years to get adjusted.:)

haven't you watch Pink FLoyd PULSE?????
this concert would break down your list!!!

PD: buy it!

it makes me wonder how much the author actually thought about this list when they don't include Red Hot Chili Peppers Live @ Slane Castle

mhmmm. Queen at Wembley? Michael Jackson at Bucharest? You're missing the classics

No hes not missing the classics, he just can see that anything can happen outside of the USA, even though half the groups are non US! But its the same for too many Americans, only see the GR8 US of A!!!!!!!!!!

hie i really like your post,its soo good.

Have you heard about MADONNA ?
*Blonde Ambition Tour
*Girlie Show Tour
*Confessions Tour
*Sticky &Sweet Tour
Whoever elaborated that list must be in 3rd grade in 1930, there are many other artist missing, I think they were trying to do the top 100 and forgot the count down from 90 down The Blonde Ambition tour is even in the all times world guinnes record book my friend. You should apologize. . .

Carl, um, this is the list of concerts I have attended - not concerts I have never seen. I'm a huge Madonna fan but it's doubtful she'd be high on my list because I prefer live vocals instead of pre-recorded tape.

1969 woodstock? wtf

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