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December 28, 2005


I second that thought. Ray Ozzie in his famous memo to Microsoft employees back in October 2005 said "complexity kills". Maybe so at Microsoft, but I have trouble imaging the world pre-industrial revolution. If it weren't for technological advances of the past two centuries and all the complexities that underpin them, we'd be living much harder (and shorter) lives.

And if I may take this opportunity to do a shameless plug...some time ago I launched my own website. It's called The Mega Board and if you come visit, you can post/view ads for free across a range of categories (except jobs, because as we all know, Monster.com is the best jobs board ever). Some of you may say, "Sam, this new site of yours is nothing but a Craiglist rip-off." Well my friends, the Beatles started off imitating the great artists of their time and then evolved into something entirely unique and wonderful. Only time will tell if TheMegaBoard.com is more like Ringo than John, but I intend to create something I can call my own. Please visit if you get a chance.

Sam - thanks for your comments. I will check out the MegaBoard.

Life is indeed complex. Keeping it simple without keeping it simple is the challenge.


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