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December 05, 2005


Did you ask to speak with the manager? I would call and ask to speak with the manager and then tell him/her about what happened with the hostess as well as the miscommunication regarding reservations. Everybody needs some constructive feedback.

We didn't. With the size of our party, I didn't want to further sour things by complaining to the manager. We did send an e-mail to them voicing our complaint but that e-mail has been ignored.

We know from experience (SPAM, Viruses) that not all e-mails land in our inbox. It's not unreasonable to think that maybe they never saw it. I too think it's important to talk with the manager directly. This is a fairly new restaurant likely still working out the kinks. May be worth another visit to meet with the manager so they can try make it right. Your expectations weren't met and that should be taken seriously by any business owner.

well I had a completely different experience there. One that made me want to return over and over again. The waitstaff is friendly curtious and most of all very accomodating to my elderly mother.
my meal came and I was very happy, my mother's meal came and she said the steak wasn't cooked enough so I told the waitress and she immediately made sure how my mom wanted it cooked then brought it back to the kitchen.
not only did they cook her a whole new steak they made a whole new meal. I was so impressed by this that I asked to speak to the manager. I got to meet the owner and thanked him for replacing my mom's whole meal and let them know how much I appreciated it. the next thing I knew the owner sent a drink to my table compliments of the house.

I think you may have gone to the restaurant on an off day or something because I ahve never had a problem going there and I go there almost every saturday.

ps: as for silvesters, if you ever knew what that kitchen was like you would never have eaten there.

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