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January 10, 2006


Ok. You ranted so I'm going to. I can understand your frustrations; however, there are no preferences for parents with new babies. As it is, people with babies get to board before I do. Why? They should board last so that the baby doesn't cry from being cramped in. There's even special parking spots for "Mothers with Infants." Fathers should be putting up a stink about that. I guess Father's with infants can't park in those spaces? :) Then the parents drive like maniacs trying to get home while the infant is sleeping in the car and you wonder if they'll even get home safely because they just drove through a red light! In the shopping malls parents have SUCs, "Sport Utility Carriages." The ones with two or three seats for kids and they bring one kid and put all their packages in the other seats. Then you can't walk through the mall or stores without fear of being mangled by one. Sorry, no preferences for parents with new babies. There's already enough out there :)

One more thing, by the third quarter, you are officially over the honeymoon period and you are no longer considered "new parents." You're just parents... :)))))))))

That sucks! Thanks for the tip on Delta. Anyone with children, even one, whether 1 month, 1 year or 5 years, knows that airline trips can turn into trips from he--. The purpose for boarding families with children ahead of other travelers is to avoid inconveniencing the others waiting for parents to load all of their stuff in the seats and overheads, etc. Plus it helps to set the kids up with an activity and or snack to try to ease the pain of flying. With regards to parking spots, SUCs and driving like maniacs...what does this have to do with Delta Song?

Fortunately, JetBlue now has a direct flight from Boston to Fort Myers. They have pre-boarding, wide seats and lots of leg room. And, they don't have a group of disgruntled Delta employees taking out their frustration with their employer on their customers. They provide a good option when traveling with infants. What more could you ask for?

Kind of makes you wonder which came first - the disgruntled employees or the bankruptcy?

Oh wow. My Mommy and I are flying from England to the US in late May. We're using Delta. Blarg!

If our flight gets delayed and we experience major hassle, I'm going to scream my head off. And if there's a Delta employee in earshot, Mommy will just let me scream and cry. Revenge is sweet!

Give them hell, Charlotte. Delta seems to have no regard for children.

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