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January 27, 2006


Well played, Dan.

Local news is challenging to sit through in the best of circumstances. "If it bleeds it leads" is one thing; but the unseemly glee that these anchors and reporters can't quite conceal as they sift through the bin of human tragedy leaves the viewer feeling strangely complicit.

I've forwarded todays' entry on to Fox25; maybe something will come of it.

Cool post, Dan. I think local news pretty much stinks everywhere, but you should expect more from a major market like Boston. Of course, I don't watch Fox News for political reasons... ;)

Stop the madness and let's get back to good reporting.

"Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite."

Um, I think to NPR.
I've heard his voice there a few times anyway and it's very reassuring.

Okay serious face on: It's give the people what they'll watch.
I stopped with the local stuff after the novelty of "Action News" wore off (and I grew up sitting by the glow of the evening news).
And as for what's-his-name your local anchor?
Let's just say, I'm familiar with Molly Ringwald, Barry Manilow, Bryan Adams & Def Leopard (ok, not so much Def Leopard tho' I know a bit about them--just wouldn't know them specifically w/out someone saying who they were).
I've never heard of your guy. He's a loser who shouldn't ever get beyond a local market--but if he does--shame on us.

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