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March 09, 2006


Did you know that the judges changed the verses/words of Vincent just a short time prior to Clay going on stage to sing the song? Clay "butchered" it (as you put it) only because of the judges.

Really? Why would they change the lyrics? Or did they just edit them down to make the song fit the time frame? Did not realize this.

I read somewhere that he had been practicing it one way all week until that day. The judges asked him to take out a verse and switch another so as to (like you said) shorten it. Well I guess it mixed him up a bit. If I was him, when the judges somewhat criticized him for that performance, I would have brought up the fact (on live t.v.) that they were responsible - but Clay is too much of a class act -- he just bit the bullet.

You have GOT to be kidding! KC was #7 on my list for last night.
Have you actually closed your eyes and listened? My choices: Tie for #1 between Taylor and Ace. Chris #3.

I know Kevin Covais was not the popular choice, but I really felt he was the best. Listen again. It was a flawless performance. Will he last long? Probably not. But I have to give him his due for his version of "Vincent."

I, too, thought Kevin did a good job with "Vincent" but I do believe he will be one of the next to go. When it gets down to four men, it will be Chris, Ace, Taylor, and Elliott

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