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March 17, 2006


Strange. I agree with you, Dan. But this lineup is interesting on its own merits, so I don't understand why it has to be called the New Cars -- that just sets it up for a comparison that can't end well. I'd love to hear the band though!

Calling themselves the New Cars is just cheesy.
Right after your comment "Ocasek's absence is glaring," I thought damn straight--he is The Cars.
And then you said the same thing. ;)
I agree it won't work.
Ocasek not there is a yawning void.
And I miss Ben Orr's voice.

I will be curious, but I doubt I would buy the album. And, yes, Ben Orr's voice was always a nice undertone to the Cars' sound. And it was Orr on lead vocals for their biggest hit ("Drive").

Forget the album, they are way better in person they rock!

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