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April 26, 2006


I thought Katharine was amazing (and looked it, too). I didn't understand what the judges were hearing -- I got goose bumps. Kellie and Taylor were boring, Paris sounded like Gladys Knight, and Chris knocked my socks off, as usual. I think Kellie and Taylor have something to worry about.

My husband and I have an expression for Paula: She's as helpful as a rubber crutch.

I'm predicting Taylor, Paris, and Kellie in the bottom 3 with America sending home one of my favs, Paris. Sad, but I think Chris is going to win so it really doesn't matter who's in the bottom 3 if it's not him.

Not related to any of the performances but paula is becoming annoying. Interrupting Simon when it's his turn to comment. Simon, even though bias at times, is the only one with witty and accurate comments. Randy's comments are so cliche. Paula's comments, like adding water to soup.

I agree with your comments on Kat and think Kellie is now in way over her head, but she'll probably make it through another week, though she's the one that should go at this point in time.

I'm fearful that Katherine could go, based on the judges' comments, but I just can't see it. Losing her at this point would turn the competition into a joke. I fully anticipate seeing Chris and Katherine in the finals.

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