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April 12, 2006


I enjoyed your breakdown of last night's show. Good job.

We're not Kellie fans, but she did a fabulous job with a difficult song. We were both impressed. Why is Ace still there? Oh that's right -- he's handsome. :) As for Bucky: I thought he did OK for him.

Valerie, Christine - thanks for your comments. Looks like Bucky finally got the boot. Ace is likely next.

I so agree with you about Kellie. Until now I couldn't stand her, and I thought with the very beginning of the song I was going to hate it (I covered my ears) but then I let go and listened and she was really good! The eye make-up and hair were freaky, but the wink at the end definitely did what you said.

Chris was and is so incredible. I thought my American Idol was Paris B, but I think now that we're nearing the end it's Chris.

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