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May 14, 2006


You are so correct. I can't believe Chris is not singing this week. I may not even watch.

Simon stopped endorsing Chris and was giving too much praise to Elliot. That's the difference. People tend to follow the judges.

Great article and so true about Chris. Thanks!

Chris Daughtry will make more money than Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin and Katharine McPhee combined.

In a way, this is a blessing for him. Now he won't have to make a boring, highly produced, glossy album.

You are so right! We have decided we have no interest in watching now. Chris was so obviously more talented than the two guys left. One is totally a joke, and the other is not appealing or that good a singer at all.

Overly praising Elliott, and now Taylor, did Chris in. It's their loss. He will do fine though. MANY out here who do not vote think he should have won by a mile. I voted, and will buy his cd.

As for Clay, easily the best they have ever had, the loss did not hurt him. Just as with Chris, the proof is in the pudding, and Chris will outshine the winner in the long run. Talent wins out, and boy, does he have it.

Only Katharine should win at this point. Beautiful and great voice.

Absolutely right! Chris was fantastic to watch every week and had real talent. It was said over and over that Clay Aiken "raised the bar" for REAL talent, and he is still doing that today. He is definitely one of a kind and was THE ONLY REASON to watch Season 2.

Chris Daughtry will be fine. He will be THRILLED that he didn't win this season. He will make his own mark in the music industry and will someday be able to put any association with AI away. He is talented, and I have no worries about him at all being a success. He made Season 5, as Clay did Season 2.

It must be the North Carolina water... 2 talented guys from the same state.

I couldn't agree with you more. chris was the reason I watched this season. Now there's no excitement left. I do think the judges did him in with their critiques and the "playing up" of Elliot and Taylor. I don't believe any of the remaining 3 could fill an arena......Chris will be fine though. Like Clay, he'll be able to get out from under the heavy hand of 19E and American Idol.

I sure agree with your assesment. Chris has everything AI needed to keep the show interesting and entertaining.
Like Clay, I'm sure Chris will find his way to a great career in music.

North Carolina certainly has grown some outstanding talented gentlemen! First Clay Aiken who has gone on to a superb career, inspite of coming in second, and now Chris Daughtry! He will definitely go on to having an excellent career as well, I am certain! Good luck to him as well; he will have to follow Clay's foot steps and get the right guidence for his musical career and he will do just as well. He should look up Mr. Aiken and seek his advice if he wants some good one! God bless Chris and God Bless Clay Aiken with his up-coming CD! I know he will sell millions! Mahalo nui loa and Aloha from Hawaii

You are so right, especially regarding the Clay Aiken comments. He was just so special and really one in a million. He is also so versatile, as any of his concert goers knows. He can really sing anything, and in that respect, way above Chris. Clay is also charismatic and a born performer who is simply magic live--really better live than recorded, not needing the sound room to fix anything! Just wait for that upcoming CD. It will blow everyone away.

Eh. I don't think losing Chris will matter at all. Sure he could scream, but that is almost all he could do. If you really listen to his ballads, you will find that his pitch is primarily sharp and unpleasant. He is much more "at home" screaming out his rocker stuff.

I have watched every season of American Idol....season 2 has definitely been the best so far....

I have not been impressed by this season's finalists....I know some will definitely disagree but Taylor is so karoake....in small doses he might be fun but if I had to see him in concert I would be looking for the exit door within 20 minutes....
Elliott is a nice guy..good pipes but lacks the charisma to keep you interested.....
Chris is another rocker...good yes......outstanding NO..good front man for a band....but his version of I Walk the Line was really good....
Katherine does have a lovely powerful voice and is gorgeous...she should have a great chance at a longterm career....

As for Clay Aiken...he set the bar so high in season 2 that no one on the shows since have topped him..his voice is just amazing...and he does have that special charisma that IT factor that engages an audience....He gave us something to WOW over every week....and he will be around I think when alot of these idol stars are long forgotten......these kids are niche singers....jmo of course....but I just don't see them having an outstanding long career ahead of them.....even Kelly Clarkson is way better than these people.....but....they are going after their dream so good luck to each one of them.

While Chris' singing style doesn't really suit my taste in music, I can definitely see that he has talent.
Katherine has one of the best female voices, if not the best, ever to grace the show. I hope she can pull off a lst place win.
For me, though, Clay Aiken, is
and always will be top dog!!
Great talent, fantastic range, great stage presence, wit, the whole package. I hope he is around for a LONG time!

Chris does not compare to Clay. Clay can reach any range with his voice. Chris only sings from his throat delivering a yodle type sound.

Chris does not have an original style. I am trying to figure out who he is trying to immitate, the great Eddie Vedder (NOT) or just another heavy metal screamer.

Taylor does have his own style - none like I have ever heard. Elliott is genuine and sings from his heart. They both have soul.

Clay made it to the final two, Chris did not. Chris's shocking moment was like Constantine's shocking moment.

Get over it people.

I Love the Clay Mention in this Article. I Do Love Elliot and Taylor. Both of them have Beautiful voices and just the Whole Package. Elliot, Taylor, and Clay have my 100% Support. God Bless All of the Contestants from this Season of my Favorite Show, American Idol.

American Idol is a mere opening act to the headliner that is Rush.

How can you people be so upset that a television show has produced a result that your not happy with? The whole purpose of the show is to sell soap! Who was it said that "noone ever lost a buck overestimating the intelligence of the American public".

If you want real entertainment for your dollar, check out Neal Peart, Alex Lifeson, and Geddy Lee doing their thing nightly on stages all over the world. Rush Rules!

You'll get no argument from me about Rush's talent. My first Rush concert was in 1976 and I've been a big fan ever since. There's no one better on percussion than Mr. Peart.

- Dan

Chris was a wedding singer too....they showed footage of him singing at a wedding. Chris has a gift--he just need to learn to sing from his diaphram and not his throat he can project so much more if only he did this all the time. I wish him the best of luck in the future and hopefully he will decide NOT to front an already established band like Fuel.

Maybe Chris should front for Rush. Geddy Lee doesn't sound much better than he looks.

Clay Aiken is soooooo over-rated. Ok voice, ridiculous delivery. He represents everything that is wrong with AI... meaningless oversinging and empty delivery.

Goes for Clarkson, too.

I am curious, who's voice do you think is outstanding? Who do you think represents or would represent AI?

Katharine McPhee is far and away the best singer left in the competition, but Chris Daughtry has the most talent.

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