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May 10, 2006


I think Taylor is somehow going to win the whole thing. USA Today picked him to go all the way.

How did the competition take such a drastic turn? Gawd...

Chris Daughtry will sell more records than Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin and Katharine McPhee combined.

What is with the viewers? Just because Taylor sings one song without gyrating around, they think he is damn great. They're judging based on one performance. Unjustified, Katherine and Chris especially, did not deserve this. And what was with Seacrest? Real rude.

None of the remaining finalists are even close to the quality of Kelly, Carrie or Clay & Ruben. Chris was the only credible idol.

As for this week's show ... being an Elvis fan, I was soooo jealous of them getting a personal tour of Graceland by Priscilla and Lisa Marie - Wow, what an honor!

Ian - I could not agree more. Thanks for your comment.

Haha! When I read ur comments that belittled Elliot and overrated Kat, I just can't help but laughed. I don't know I just found it funny. Elliot and Taylor are wedding singers? Dude, they have class. It's too bad some of you can't appreciate it. It's Kat who's overrated vocally. Fortunately America got it right in the end... no sarcasm here!

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