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May 17, 2006


I think Clive Davis has lost it.

Dan, nothing related to American Idol (I may watch the finale :-) but thought you might enjoy this...when you have some free time, at least the most recent entry. http://33andbravo.blogspot.com/

Thanks, Michelle. I'll check it out.

- Dan

Kinda late reply, but i just think i need to defend Elliot. Dude, technically he's the best singer in this season of AI. I'm a singer as well, and you know how difficult the songs he's picked technically. He rarely went out of tune, and the sound coming out of his mouth is just soulful...

He has great personality and totally humble person. People fall in love with his voice and his personality. He deserved to be up there, much more than Katharine. If he's not good enough, he wouldn't be in top 3 dude. Cos he only relies on his VOICE and true personality - not look nor strong early fan base as he didn't receive as much airtime during audition process.

and when you said Kat is the best left, I guess you are looking at overall package. But if you pay careful attention to her various performances, a lot of her performances are totally overrated. Some of them are : Someone to Watch over Me and that Christina Aguiera's song. She's screechy in lotsa songs, though I do enjoy her 'Come Rain Come Shine' and 'Til You Come Back to Me' . I must say she didn't deserve to be in top 3 if not because of her 'Over the Rainbow'. She's a great package for an artist, but vocally she's not in top 3 of this season. Sorry, it's just my opinion.

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