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June 14, 2006


Im a rush fan but the list is a little strange. Jeff porcaro should be on the list, and john panozzo of styx these two men are gone but they left us some great drum licks jeff was a shuffle expert and john was a mad man with heart.

what about satriani's mom?isnt she a drummer?

listen to ANY tool song and try to play his beat. the pot by tool has some of the craziest fills ever. mike portnoi of dream theater as well would make my list. and dave grohl as well is underrated.
but you have to have danny carrey at least top 10 if not top 5!

I am so glad two posts have mentioned Mike Portnoy. There is more to drumming than just "keeping the beat". The drummers that can do more than keep the beat should be on the list. I must admit Stewart Copeland not being on the list is a surprise. And yes Buddy Rich is the best drummer of all time, not just jazz, he could do any genre. All the years he played, he NEVER practiced, showing his God given ability

I'd rather put carl palmer on the top of the list.

Peter Criss should be listed as one of the very best drummers. Very underrated by the majority of the people, but he is a damn good jazz drummer (he was trained by Gene Krupa)and his style and drum solos are absolutely unique. His sound (especially the snare) has his mark...you can tell is his style....that kind of jazz marching band sound! It 's untrue that Eric Carr and Eric Singer were better than him,he had originality in his playing and technique is not the most important thing...the style and sound are..! In many ways,technically speaking Criss was almost wasted I would say with Kiss because I saw him playing jazz live in New York and he really kicked asses! He has nothing less than drummers like Ian Paice and John Bonham. He was a great jazz drummer playing straight up heavy rock n roll with Kiss.

What about Danny Carey or Dave Grohl?

Where is Barriemore Barlow, wizardly drummer of 1970-79 Jethro Tull? He possessed an incredible talent. He roamed the windy paths of experimental drumming with a cool grace. Listen to the Bursting Out. Or any Tull album he was on. His ability to be heavy or soft, explode into fills with a feverish intensity, only to die back, moments later. he is the ultimate control. he is a true musician, not a drummer, he's deserves #1.

Phil Collins is the best drummer in the world

Everyone i belive Phil Collins is the best. But i tell you what for all those who think other wise im 15 and i shold like other things according to many. But for all those who think other drummers are better. ISNT IT A STUPID AND CRAP THERE IS NO OFFICIAL WEBSITES TELLING THE TRUTH SOME SAY THE No1 IS A OTHERS SAY ITS B ITS ALL CRAP WHAT YOU THINK!!!

If we include Jazz Fusion, then I'd put Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu) at number two.

My personal top ten (without including Jazz Fusion):

1. Neil Peart (Rush)
2. Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, UK)
3. Carl Palmer (ELP, Asia)
4. Virgil Donati (Planet X, Derek Sherinian)
5. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, LTE)
6. Danny Carey (Tool)
7. Terry Bozzio (Zappa)
8. Ginger Baker (Cream)
9. Simon Phillips (Toto, Derek Sherinian)
10. Stewart Copeland (The Police)

I'm surprised to see that so few people mentionned Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. Of course all-time #1 belongs to John Bonham, but Portnoy is for sure within top 3, just before Peart.

Also surprising, there is someone that nobody seems to have considered (maybe he is too recent on the scene). It is Dave Macintosh from Dragonforce. I wouldn't say he is top ten material, but he souldn't be ranked not very far behind (for sure deserves to be within top 15 or 20). His speed of execution is very impressive. It is almost exhausting just to listen to one of their songs, and to focus on only the drum. A quick listening to the song Through the Fire and Flames should give you an idea...

moon the loon was de man he just thrashed the shit out of that kit what a ledge, was taken early but if anyone lived the dream it was he. Unreplacable rock god

I see Simon Phillips name a lot I also read about the difficulties he had trying to replicate moon when he played for the who? That speaks volumes from a good drummer like Phillips. Rock n roll is an entertainment buisness & apart from being up there with the best, moon was def inately the drummer I mould want to watch.!

OK I've seen a show or two in my day and present. So here they are 10.LOMBARDO 9.WARD 8.BAKER 7.RICH 6.PAICE 5.BOZZIO 4.PALMER 3.BONHAM 2.PEART 1.MOON

Dave Mackintosh from Dragonforce look him up and also look him up on youtube he like 1 really fast drummer

Dave Lombardo, where is Dave-freaking-Lombardo!

Dave Lombardo, where is Dave-freaking-Lombardo!

That list is "OK" at best. Rodmorgenstein from the dixie dregs needs to be added. Ginger Baker from cream. Buddy Rich Isnt up there?

the 1st 7 sound reasonable, but the last 3 drummers are honestly only average to slightly above.I myself have been playing for over 25 years and at 37 years old can do perfect imitations of Peart, Bonham and Moon(as well as many others)my Ct. based band is called Divine Intervention.In Torrington, contact Metropolis Music and the owner(my guitarist)will give website proof , no smoke being blown up anyone's azz, listen and learn. Personally I'm all about Barrymore Barlow, it appears that he plays a bit like Neil Peart and many other greats.the album Live Bursting Out(Jethro Tull)includes a solo that, most likely, can't be beat only tied w/others. And what about Jeff Porcaro? Let's face it, opinions are like azzholes, everybody has one.This read list is only an opinion,no documented proof here,sorry.Let God decide the list and you are better off.If you are in Connecticut and want lessons ,I'm available at a $40 an hour(extremely reasonable)rate.No sheet music learning ,just true principals of application here.My 1st student and best friend is in two of the biggest bands in N.Y.C., (Exit Verona,Black Betty),just give me 1-2 years and I'll make you a very coveted drummer..sorry no blast beats or hardcore(speed metal). Living in Long Island?I'll have you set up with Bobby Rondinelli(Rainbow, Quiet Riot, ect.)

forgot to give the #, ..it is...860-482-0817(ask for Dan), I personally am not as savvy with computers as with the drum kit,thus cannot give a demo out without it being an actual CD(sorry).....interested in guitar?I know of a (unfortunately wheelchair bound)guitar god up in Norfolk Ct.Joe Sexton is his name, he takes a right handed guitar and literally flips it around to play it left handed(yes, the little strings are on the top), soon he will be filling the niche of the late great Jeff Healy.Our new band will be on tour within the next 6 months, the name of the band is called Collusion, but I assure all that we dont cheat on very high quality rock n roll............................my number is 203-984-8890, please dont be afraid to get great.have a kit?I'll travel(locally)to you.I can teach rock,fusion shuffling,funk,double and single bass metal,snare marching, and latin rythms.....my unorthodox style of teaching involves left-right brain seperation which is in fact the biggest hurdle to overcome in most drum styles.

Neil Peart is outstanding!! And another drummer i don´t know the name of is Santanas drummer during Woodstock, he is great!. Krister from Sweden.

where is Roger Taylor????

When people say Peart was was better than Bonham, I say this: They sound equally good, but Peart had 1000 piece set and John had 9, go figure whose the better drummer. Also, John had no training as was simply a farmer that liked to play. Hands down he should be 1,2,3rd, lol...

Jimmy Chamberlin ranks second to me after Bonham. A drummer should sound like he's playing an instrument, not just keeping a beat like so many others. If it wasn't for JC, I don't know if I would have re-listened to the Pumpkins again to get hooked on Billy's amazing writing and production.

dont know gene krupa gene krupa owns al this drummers

dude.....what about chad sexton from 311. listen to his solo in applied science

Ive seen Paice live. Teriffic! Ive seen Tommy Aldridge live too. Excellent. Cozy Powell should maybe be in the top 10. Clem burke for me is an amazing drummer. I guess its down to style and taste....as with most things. its like comparing a 100m sprinter with a marathon runner. Both great in there own field. Anyway I do think Larry Mullin Jnr is good too.

Neil peart is a great drummer but john bonham is like the mozart of drums.. he should be number one

No list is accurate without Jeff Porcaro!!! The man had the deepest pocket in the history of ROCK. He was innovative,the ultimate groovemaster. He also invented the cymbal rack that just about all the drummers use now.

I think you forgot some awesome drummers.Just to remind you:does name Bill Ward ring any bell?or Joey Jordison?those guys are top 10 on my list.But I agree that Bonham and Paice totally desereve their place in top three.Who's third,I don't know.I would give my voice to Bill Ward.


I would probably put Bonham on top! There's also some glaring ommissions from your list. What about Charlie Watts? I think he would hands down beat half the people on that list! I would probably check out lower profile drummers like Jaki Liebezeit from Can, or if you want to extend this to punk, Stephen Morris from Joy Divison.

How could anyone not include Billy Cobham.Maybe check out the Spectrum album.

wheres alex van halen, tommy lee, lars ulrich, joey jordison, god man this is pathetic

o and i agree wit pat..wheres rick allen!

this list is missing 4 of the best drummers of all time:

Danny Carey from Tool, Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews Band, Mike Portnoy from Dream Theatre, and Stewart Copeland from the Police. Come on people!

Good drummers all but you missed one who undeniabley belongs on any list such as this..............BUDDY MILES!

this shit is so messed up worst list ever who evr made this was high

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

Thanks you for recognizing Don Brewer or Grand Funk Railroad! All too often on "other" lists he is way underrated. He is talented, skilled, and has withstood the test of time!

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