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August 02, 2006


We can understand. I called my phone provider (MCI) well before our recent move into our new house and requested the service to be switched on 6/30 and was promised it would be seemless and completed on 6/30. After over 200 minutes of cell phone use (where I was told by several MCI Reps. that everything was all set, "you now have service" [when I did not] or would be taken care of by the next day, etc.) I finally got service connected on 7/8. Like you, it took 8 (or 9 depending on how you count) days to finally have service.

Since that time, I have been waiting for them to complete the wiring job they promised (as there is no actual telephone box connected to the wiring in my home). I have given up for now as I am compelled to give my self a break from the frustrating telephone calls/discussions w/ MCI. Next to the lack of competence and unfulfilled promises, the next most frustrating thing was not being able to understand the broken English of most of the MCI Reps. They would leave me messages that were totally impossible to understand. On a few occasions, I listened to a message 10-15 times and still could not figure out what they were saying.

Comcast, MCI, it doesn't matter, its just this type of service business in general. Remember your Dell problems, I had the same.

It must be the phone service industry. This is why "Cable Guy" was a good idea for a movie. Art imitating life.

You have comcast. bad choice. they are the worst for phone service. i was without a phone for two weeks.

Another problem is lack of choice. In my area for cable, it's Comcast or nothing and for the phone they gobbled up AT&T--eliminating that choice. I'm pretty sure they are planning to own it all in the very near future.

Glad Bob stepped up to the plate. Though they are hard to find, there are a couple of people left who actually care enough to do the job right.

FiOS Baby! FiOS! It pushes data like Niagra Falls pushes water.


Dan -- we had a horrific experience with Comcast cable. Check it out: http://cmoonchild.blogspot.com/2006/10/our-comcast-nightmare.html

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