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September 12, 2006


Hoe can you criticize Bob Dylan when he is one of the best musicians ever?

How can you not like sushi, Dan? Someone as open-minded as you should be able to enjoy a little sushi now and then. Get current!

You are kidding me, right? Bob Dylan is more popular than the Beatles.

But it's true y'all, Dylan is a American folk poet/icon who sings and I think most people can agree that he does not have a great or even good singing voice. I agree with Dan. He has written some great songs--unforgetable songs.

Sushi is acquired taste. I honestly don't like the seaweed part of Sushi and I'm kinda not keen on eating any uncooked meat.

Townshend. I am so far into certain periods of Townshend--I would totally have thought it plausible to switch "Townshend" is G-d for the whole Clapton is G-d thing.

Pete Townshend does these little benefit gigs for orphans in Chicago every single year at House of Blues. Makes a ton of money for the Mercy Home For Boys & Girls. I so want to be able to drop that kind of bread ($500 apiece face value--let's not factor in scalping fees) on a night out being that close to the music & the man.

The wine I can't have an informed opinion on as I've not tried Shiraz.

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