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September 15, 2006


First clowns, now the dentist('s drill). You are h-e-double-hockey-sticks bent on ruining my sleep! (j/k)

Well, you know, whatever is top of mind. Now a clown dentist would be a real terror.

Ok, so this is precisely what I want to do – freelance blogging. I’ve got two steady gigs now, but I’d like to add just a couple more. Your tips were terrific and I’m going to apply them. Thanks for the great post.

Hm, that's a pretty nice. It's the kind of thing you can think of to keep your mind off the dental procedure to avoid feeling nervous.

Poetry to remember the dental experience? Hm, that's pretty nice. In the end, those kinds of memories can be scary, but it's best to not dwell on that kind of thing.

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