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September 13, 2006


I saw Van Halen at Jones Beach on this tour and they were just OK. No one could front the band like David Lee Roth, IMHO.

Peter Frampton was great with Styx in Chicago a few years ago. He's lost most of his hair. He almost looks like an old Clay Aiken.

I was at that Firm show. Yes, they were no good. My wife and I were fans of Reel Big Fish (don't scoff, "Turn the Radio Off" is a good ska/rock album.) We saw them on Landsdowne street the night of a crucial Sox/Yankees game. They came out and played 4 great songs. Then they played them again. I was like, "Wha?" The all ages crowd of teeny-boppers didn't care. I was near the sound board and the engineer said that the bassist had to go to a wedding so they had a guy from the opening band and he only knew four songs. Then cancel the show or play a bunch of covers that he does know. I stood in the front of the balcony flipping the band the double bird for two songs and then we left. At least we got to see the rest of the Sox game.

In One day at one festival I saw one of the best performaces I'd ever seen and one of the worst. The Best Gig tag was taken by Trout Fishing in Quebec who's set was psychadelic and tight to say the least. At theother end of the scale was Garbage who lived up to their name. I was such abig fan as well, but their live set was just dreadful - not really their fault , it was the sound engineers - it was unintelligble. i could hear people talking next to me as well - Something was really wrong yet nothing happened they just played on as if they soundednormal. The whole set was basically noise. And I should mention PJ Harvey - who I saw twice in different states. In SA she was remarkable but in VIC she was woeful. performing art is like team sports - some bands are always in form others are hit and miss

Not all concerts can be cool. There are times where we can see not-so-nice concerts. In my hometown in Denver, Colorado, recreation centers there are made for concerts, rugby games and other outdoor events. Denver parks and recreation centers are truly for guests and visitors of all ages and walks of life.

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