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November 25, 2006


Haha. Again this kind of thing is totally subjective. I disagree with you on some of the names. My top 10 singers with best voice talents , without stage presence considered(subjected to my subjective opinion and my moderate knowledge on music and singing) for the past 5 seasons will be (in seasonal order) :
1. Kelly Clarkson,
2. Ruben Studdard,
3. Fantasia,
4. LaToya London,
5. Jennifer Hudson,
6. Carrie Underwood,
7. Anwar Robinson,
8. Elliot Yamin,
9. Mandisa,
10.Paris Bennett.
With Kim Locke close in 11th position.
Yeap, not all the people in my list above are my favs. (My favs are only Jen Hudson, Elliot and Ruben). And from the list that you put up, no way I agree with Kat McPhee on top 10 - tho she was my fav for a while - she's quite far from my top 10 list based on talent. And even Tamyra, compared to the more recent seasons, she became overshadowed a little bit.
yeah. again this is partially subjective. =)
Oh, and for some of your comments :
1. Tamyra's A House is not a Hime - hmm, I don't really like it cos it's very shaky til towards the end. Actually she had done much better in other weeks, like 'Touch Me in the Morning' and that big band piece - can't recall the title.
2.LaToya did have 'not-so-good' weeks, one of them was the Motown week, can't recall the title of song. it's the week when she had a bad hair day. haha!
3. And Aiken... sheesh... I hate to say this, but he's never my favourite. And no doubt he has high range, but so is Bo and Constantine. Oh well... It's just my personal opinion tho. And one thing why I always prefer Ruben than Clay is that Ruben exudes this warmth and his voice just brings calmness and tranquility. Even looking at today's fact that he's not selling album as well as Clay and despite the rumour about the wrong voting result, the fact is he's still a winner. And no way I'm gonna change my stand. Ruben all the way! haha!

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