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November 27, 2006


i would have Tamyra Gray at #1 who also had several other tv shows to show off her acting and singing skills as well, Half & Half,Tru Calling,What I Like About You,All Of Us and Las Vegas .Tamyra also appeared on Broadway in Bombay Dreams and the movie The Gospel as well as a short film for H&M denims which was shown around the world. Tamyra also has done great things with her music as well . she released an incredible cd called The Dreamer in which she co wrote 12 out of 13 songs ,co wrote the season 3 winning song I Believe performed by Fantasia and Diana .Tamyra also co wrote 2 songs on the recent Jessica Simpson cd as well. by the way Tamyra recently married Sam Watters who was one of the co writers of the previous mentioned songs.

This was hardly written by a Claymate. First of all, he's a guy, idiot. So am I & I can see how unique & individual Clay Aiken is compared to just about anyone else from AI. The blog is about the voice, people, not about who's the most popular at this moment in time. The voice will always be there. This writer has a right to his own opinion & as a music educator, I agree with most of what he's said.

Totally agree with Clay as #1. His voice is pure and his vocal range amazing. Only singer I know that can do the glory notes and hit the lower register equally well. Sounds even better live. Every winner, every idol singer since has been compared to him, not Kelly or Carrie. Now #2 I will give to Carrie. Her voice is almost as pure but she does tend to sound shrill live sometimes. Been to her concerts, so please rabid Carrie fans don't tell me it isn't true. #3 to Kelly, not so much for her voice but because she changed her style to fit the "mold" so she got the sales for her second album. Getting more respect for all idols. However, she sounds way too much like the recorded version at her concerts as well. Many reporters have picked up on that. Or else her voice sounds harsh and strained. Been to her concerts and I prefer her recordings over live performances. Her more rabid fans need to deal with the fact that sales do not equate to the best voice. Spears is an good example of that.

Clay *GAG* ge is no where near uniqe, he brings nothing new to the table, he's just a singer thats it, nothing else, he is sooo ugly as well, you should of put Kelly Clarkson has number one, that was your first mistake.

CLAY IS SOOOOOO GROSS!!!!!Chris or Kelly or even Kat should be higher then him.

I think that Kelly, and Carrie should be #1 over Clay IMO, they have a better voice then him, point blank.

BOOO CLAY, he is boring he puts me to sleep *YAWN*

As a guy, you should of put Katharine as number one, not Clay, Clay looks like my ex hahaha


Isn't it interesting how all the people here bashing Aiken write as if they're middle-schoolers? Whereas the folks who know a once-in-a-lifetime voice when they hear it have more well thought out positions? Get over it, children. Start your own blog if you can't handle the truth.

UNMATCHED! dead on! every single one of the others have been "heard before" although Kelly & Carrie can really belt out those tunes, the unique sound and sytle is pure Clay!

While I definitely agree with you that Clay Aiken IS the number 1 American Idol of which there could be no doubt and while I agree with you that Kelly Clarkson ranks number two...that's where it stops for me.

Taylor Hicks is definitely worthy of that title and should without a doubt be on that list. His talent is amazing and watch out when his CD drops.

Also not on the list is Constantine Maroulis. While he may have lost in the 6th place, his legions of fans still clamor for every bit of information from him. Certainly moreso than LaToya London or Tamyra Grey.

Man - I have to agree with previous poster LEXA ....almost. I would put Connie before Taylor all day long.

But getting back to Clay....this wonderful man is a phenominom...a one-of-a-kind and a heart as big as all get out. There is no one like him.....anywhere. Long may he continue to do wonderful things, and entertain us with the voice that God must have given him.....because he is so worthy.

Rock On Clay!!! Clay Aiken will be the most successful and most popular Idol contestant ever when all is set and done. Clay Aiken has more fans, more talent, and more determination than all of the other Idol contestants combined. Also, Clay Aiken is more than just a fabulous singer. Clay Aiken is an incredible entertainer which all of the other Idol contestants lack. Clay Aiken Will Rule, Clay Aiken Does Rule, and Clay Aiken Rules!!!

Clay IS the top 10!!!!

I dont understand why Katherine is on the list at all. Elliott Yamin was a far better singer than she was. Yes, she's a very pretty girl, but so what? I agree with most of the list. Carrie should be higher and Elliott should be on it. As for the #1 spot Clay Aiken is the only real choice. His voice is the best they have ever had on the American Idol stage and it doesn't seem like they'll get anyone as good anytime soon. He's talented,smart,entertaining and very charismatic. The guy has stage presence and an incredible voice. He grabbed my attention from the moment he opened his mouth at his audition and I loved every moment he was on stage. Some people have IT and Clay Aiken has IT in spades. The guy is awesome. He's defintely #1!

This is absolutely on the money! I truly believe that CLAY AIKEN is the best contestant to ever gone on American Idol. By far, He's the best vocals to date.

Still top of that list. People can go on and on about who gets all the sales and awards, that does not mean they are the most talented, just promoted by the media. Whether you like him or not Clay remains the best vocalist on Idol. A lot of people just do not know what a good vocalist is, these days. Very funny.

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