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December 07, 2006


There was no better foul shooter than Larry Bird.

Hondo was my favorite Celtic but Bird is a close second in my book. Bird and Magic were the two most unselfish ballplayers I ever had the privilege to watch. Each made some really good players that played on their teams much better than they might have been. I really miss the ballplayers from the NBA who played in the 70s and 80s when the game was so much more pure.

Earl's comment reminded me of a player on Syracuse (then) Orangmend in the late 70s named Hal Cohen who reportedly made over 500 free throws in a row after practice one day. The word got out during his streak, even reported on the local radio I heard, and fans started showing up at old Manley Fieldhouse watching Cohen make shot after shot.

Just googled Cohen and I underestimated his streak. The following link says he is the world record holder at 698!


Thanks for the good bit of history, Tim. Interesting story.

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