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December 19, 2006


Honestly, it depends on the teenager.
My first son, as much as I love him, was a nightmare. He's just now getting his act together at age 23.
On a sidenote, I've read opinions by those in the know about the behaviour of youth, that the teenage years now extend into the 20's! An example of this is how common it is for kids to take 5 or more years to complete a 4-yr. college degree.
Getting back to looking forward, my 14 y.o. son is truly a wonderful kid--so I've lucked out at last.
I would have loved to have had a little girl but I'm not so sure we would have survived the teenage years. "Mom" does seem to take the brunt of that angsty/hormonal teenage-girl behaviour.
Relax and enjoy these years. They are so precious yet so fleeting.

Thanks, Cyn. I'm looking forward to it. Let the journey begin.

Here's another quote for you: "Having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body." In the early years, the heart stays pretty connected; in adolescence, it tries to figure out how to disconnect (sometimes clumsily). If all goes well, there's a return later on, and it's gratifying because it is freely chosen by an independent individual. The story Jesus told about the return of the prodigal testifies to the timelessness and universality of this phenomenon, and beautifully relates it to humankind’s spiritual questing. Henri Nouwen wrote an excellent book about it, based on the Rembrandt painting.

Well said, Scott. Well said.

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