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December 27, 2006


Thank you for the tips! We'll try to find some of these -- most are new to me.

Did you notice that the Petite Sirah on Rosenblum's label is spelled with an "i"? BTT ruling... "Y" is too confusing. (Syrah and Shiraz - then PS with an "i" and a "y" make it difficult for consumers.) We're all getting used to it... take heart... in a few years, it will all settle in.

I did notice this and always wondered why. Wine labels are tricky. If we're having trouble identifying what's in a California bottle, we're in trouble, considering that France is nearly impossible at times.

Glad to see you liked the Rosenblum SF Bay Zin; I did too. I didn't like David Bruce's Pinot as much as you did though; perhaps it's because the one I tasted was younger.

Thanks, Mike. I pretty much love everything Rosenblum produces. It's a high-quality winery with excellent consistency.

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