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December 08, 2006


I love the Carpenters! I didn't know Richard was still playing. That's wonderful news. Thank you for the update.

I heard Karen's version of "Home for the Holidays" this morning on the radio. Her voice is absolutely haunting. Such a shame. Glad her brother is still kicking around the music scene.

Wow. I was kind of in a (cranky) mood when I left a comment...but it's gone now so I don't hafta worry about it. A number of my comments have disappeared over here though. Hmmmm.

Cyn - not sure why comments are disappearinig. I'll look into it. It's not me, that's for sure. I appreciate your comments.


As talented a songwriter and arranger as Richard Carpenter proved to be, he owes most of his fame to Karen. I think it is ashamed that he keeps tampering with the master tapes of the Carpenters recordings. In many cases, the only original element left on the compilation albums is Karen's lead vocal.

On another note, Richard's wife Mary is his first cousin (no joke). Perhaps he hoped to increase the chances of producing a child who could sing like Karen by marrying someone with similiar genetics. Reading that he has four daughters and that he is performing with two of them seems to make that notion more than an interesting theory.

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