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January 26, 2007


I would also add that vinyl sounds better than digitized CDs and MP3s. The sound is richer and fuller. I don't miss the scratches and skips, but there's nothing like putting on a brand new album and turning up the volume.

I still have all of my albums. I can't seem to part with them, although i have most everything on cd.

Dan and I had a pal 25 years ago named Don Powell who lived by the album side. I could never understand it. He never stacked LPs, but he liked to only listen to album sides (he also tried to stay in as much control of the stereo as possible...haha, didn't we all). Don would listen to requests, and would even play the request if it fit his momentary vibe, but he never listened to me askig, "Why can't you just flip it to the other side and finish the album, man?! Come on! Doesn't "A Farewell to Kings and "Xanadu" make you want to also hear "Cygnus X1"?!?" Cut the crap and play the whole album!" That's something I liked about taping my albums, it not only helped preserve the album from those awful scrathes, but once you hit play on the cassette deck, the whole album was going to roll.

I think reflecting back now, Don just wanted to experience as much different music as possible during each listening session, which is pretty cool. 20 minutes of a band was enough for him, and he always wanted to turn you on to something , and that was also cool; where for me, I was doing stuff like 10 hour Pink Floyd marathons and Dan was re-sequencing classic albums like ZZ Top "Deguello" and "Who's Next" on cassette. At least Dan kept the whole album and not just a re-sequenced side of it.

I have to confess that I've actually played more ablum sides this past couple of years than in a long time, because I have a morning stretching routine that is about 20 minutes, which I viewed as an excellent way to check out some stuff I did not duplicate on CD and haven't listened to in 10 or more years. But, at the same time, I do like to stretch with those MP3s on random play.

I wonder what Don's doing today. Last time I saw him (many many years ago) he was still trying to turn me on to new stuff, and me him!

Rock On Album Sides!

Now that's waxing nostalgia, Mike. Genesis album sides seemed to be the rule of the evening, as the bottle of Jose Cuervo got closer to the worm.

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