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January 05, 2007


How can you go against the Patriots? I think Patriots 31, Jets 7.

I think the Colts are overrated. Kansas City could pull a surprise.

My picks are exactly opposite. But I can't make a compelling case for any of them!

Well, Dan, you had the Seahawks' score dead-on -- and you only missed the Cowboys by one digit!

Ah, well. At least the Cowboys covered the spread. Tough game to lose. Wonder if Parcells will come back.

I think he's had enough. Look for Gruden to end up in Dallas.

Tough day with picking winners. Covered three of the spreads though...:)

Love Gruden.

Pennington outshine Brady..could never happen!

Chicago-Seattle: If the line stays at 9, the Seahawks will cover.

If the Bears fail to score on their first three possessions, Seattle will win.

If Alexander (and/or Morris) is averaging 3+ yards per carry by midway through the third quarter, Seattle will win.

I will keep my eyes out for this, Scott. Not quite sure how I feel about this one yet. Tough call.

More about Chi-Sea: Jerramy Stevens (TE) doesn't have to beat Urlacher -- he just has to keep him busy. Stevens didn't play in the regular season blowout in Chicago, which meant Urlacher was able to party all over the field.

Bobby Engram (WR) was so sick during the reg-season game that he didn't know where he was! He's healthy now, and is a key "intangible" for the Seahawks; Hasselbeck counts on him.

All things being equal, the Bears should win. But things are rarely equal in the NFL.

Well, it turns out things were equal -- at least in regulation.

Bummer. I was hoping the Seahawks would hang in there. They sure made it interesting.

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