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March 18, 2007


I could not agree with you more. What's equally bad are the people who come to work and spend the day talking about the snow. I think people just don't know how to drive or something.

What about the people who can't drive in the snow? Would you rather have them drive to work and create choas, or stay home?

I could not agree with you more. If the snow isn't even starting until after work then calling in to say you're not coming is ridiculous. If you can't drive in the snow then learn how, carpool, get a chauffeur, or take public transportation.

Since this is a sort of "blame" post, let me tell 'ya who I blame. The weather forecasters.
They make such a great big hairy deal about every single weather event that when a "real" one such as a snow storm due to arrive is on the horizon, they break out the WEATHER BULLETINS and hit as many panic buttons as they can find.
The public at large takes the dire warnings to heart and the less uh, informed will do things such as not go to work in case the snow does actually come.
It's a matter of dumb and dumber.

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